Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hair and make up trial

I had my hair and make up trial today. It was both fab and hard work at the same time. Not that I actually did any of the work, but sitting in a chair and having someone draw on your face and pull at your hair for 3 hours can be a tad tiring. I initially went in wanting to look like I've got a decent amount of make up on (want to look "made up" but not "too" made up if you know what i mean), but at the same time not so heavy that Mr HSH might be "scared" off. I had false lashes on from Mac. They weren't too uncomfortable but I always find they obscure my vision a little bit... Anyway, below are the result. I've broken my rule and posted a pic of my face, but hard to blog about results of a make up trial without seeing the face....

When Mr HSH saw the make up, he was surprisingly not scared off by how much make up I had on. He even said I could have more on if I wanted. I think we're just about right with the make up personally.

In regards to the hair-I generally really like it. It's a side bun. I really like the back of my hair and how it looks on the side of the bun, but the other side (where the hair comb is) probably needs a bit more twigging. Plus, I think I want my hair to be a bit higher up the top. Overall though, very happy with the results. I had an option of getting the make up artist to go to the reception to touch up my make up for an additional cost, but decided against it in the end. I was tempted to be beautified again but cost aside, it just wouldn't work logistically as there is only 90 mins between end of ceremony and reception and that times taken up by photos. I tried touching up myself at home tonight and it turned out pretty good so i'll just go with that.

All the hair pins and hair bun left over from trial today.

To finish off, just thought I'd post a picture of some beautiful peonies I bought from Helen Dillion florals yesterday. Yay it's peony season!


  1. Hey Peony, looks great!! I had something similar on my wedding too!

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