Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wedding flowers storyboard

With regards to my wedding flowers, I had always wanted a whimsical, wild flower, just picked from the garden type of feel. I respected but did not like the more traditional posys of roses or tulips. I'm not normally too pedantic about flowers and my budget for our flowers were about $1000. This isn't because we can't afford anything more, but I was just sort of hoping we could get away with a nice round figure. I also wasn't fussed about having particular type of flower-for example, expensive florals such as roses and peonies (although I do love peonies).

Anyway, below is a storyboard of flowers provided by the florist I consulted with recently. Basically, I said I didn't have a particular colour theme for the wedding but the two above pictures I posted here (and also showed to her) were probably the types of colour and style I was going for. 
Arabs Eye
David Austin Roses
Billy Button
Native Grasses
Overall, I'm very happy with the suggestions she made. I think the flowers are gorgeous and with tones of white, pink, green and coral will be perfect for the style of wedding flowers I want. However, I was given a quote of $1930 which is just about twice the budget I was happy to pay initially.

For $1930, I get:
1x bridal bouquet
3x bridesmaid bouquet
9 buttonholes
3 Corsages
6 Pew hangings of mixed floras on the sides of the ceremony chairs.
2 floral arrangement at the start of the aisle
10 centrepieces (divided amongst 3 vases of flowers per table)
Set up and travel fees included

Looking at each itemised version of the quote, I don't feel that what she is charging is unreasonable. Perhaps I was just expecting a lot but not willing to pay for it initially. Although I thought the corsages and button holes were a bit steep ($22 per buttonhole). For example, $109 for bridal bouquet and $60 dollars per table of centrepieces sounds quite reasonable to me. However, now I'm a bit torn because it's twice my budget. Mr HSH asked whether I was happy with her service, style etc and I said that I was. He was very happy for me to go ahead with the quote...

A few people have told me to search around for some more quotes, but to be honest, I can't really be bothered and a lot of florist are too traditional for what I want. Hmm...what to do?


  1. Bridal bouquet is quite cheap. Mine was $120 and buttonholes $15. We only gave buttonholes to the groomsmen and didn't bother with corsages. So prioritise who you really need to give flowers to and it will save you money. At the end of our night, I wandered around giving the ladies the long stem roses off our bridal table to say thank you for coming.

  2. Thanks little black sheep, we decided to go with this florist! I rang a few other reputable florist, both of whom were unavailable for our day but they both agreed that I was getting a pretty good deal. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon, btw!

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