Monday, 3 December 2012

Birthday, engagement photoshoot and other ramblings

Much have happened since I last blogged.

Probably the coolest thing we did during th month of November was to fly our photographer Ben down from Newcastle, drive 3 hours west to the Grampians and spent 4-5 hours taking our engagement photos. We opted for this slightly elaborate engagement shoot mainly because the Grampians hold a dear place in the heart of Mr HSH and I. Plus, it has great scenery and who wouldn't want to hike up a mountain in thongs and a silk dress from Saba! Anyway, we had a marvellous time. Exhausted but marvellous! Mr HSH and I got up at 0630 in the morning. Mr HSH kindly made me my favourite homemade breakfast Eggs Benedict as the day we went to the Grampians was also coincidentally my birthday! I had my make up and hair done by Stephanie from Sassy brides and off we went! Ben was a delight and we were ever so grateful that he was willing to get dirty and go hiking and climbing with us. I got a sneak peak of the pictures on his camera and they look great! We took pictures at the grand canyon (part of the pinnacle walk), hollow mountain, some random fields and against the backdrop of the Taipan wall at Mount Stapleton. We got back home at 1am and promptly dropped off to sleep right then and there! Below is one of the pictures from the day. It was taken on top of Hollow mountain.

The Sunday before my official birthday, Mr HSH surprised me with dinner at Woodman's estate. Woodman's is a old country hotel in the Morning peninsula. Despite Mr HSH's good intentions, Woodman's provided food that was nice enough but it's decade of decadence have long passed and it seems the food, staff and decor are all but outdated. Nonetheless, I had a great time, simply because of Mr HSH's presence.

We bought our first DSLR about a week ago. It's the Nikon D7000! We are having a blast with it. Our old Sony and the bad pictures it took was just getting to us. Mr HSH is now quite the amateur pro with the camera, learning to adjust the ISO and aperture etc. Me, I'm just using the auto function.
Oh....and we've found a block of land in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne! It's huge-more than 1000sqm! The auction is coming up! I can't wait! We're trying not to get too emotionally invested in it but it's hard not to. It's in a great area, prestine environment, local schools and small shopping centres, but not great with public transport. Anyway...will keep you updated!