Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wedding bonbonnieres-Honey filled jars

I think I may have found our wedding bonbonnieres. They are from an etsy store called Mely's honey.
I love the shabby chic look of little containers of honey.

To reduce the costs, I'm going to see if they are happy to just send me the jars of honey but without the decorations such as the twine and fabric top. I plan on buying the fabric and twine myself from Lincraft. I might also buy some tags from etsy with me and Mr HSH's name on it.

This is very exciting! I have just ordered the above jar of honey and will just make sure I like the taste and look of it before bulk order 95-100!

The honey is sent from North Wales in the UK, I'm just not sure whether Australian customs will accept this...


  1. Love ur idea. So cute. Alternatively, source small jars off eBay, buy ur fav honey in bulk from the supermarket and fill them yourself . Might save u some money, esp postage costs.

    1. I haven't been able to find mini jars in shops in Australia! I thought postage would be similar if I get a lot of them posted. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  2. Actually I don't know if you've bought them yet BUT Crazy Clarks has mini jars for a dollar each. I know because I bought several different-sized jars from them to put beads in as a decoration for my bedroom. You might wanna go take a look if you haven't!

  3. ohh.that's very good news! thank you! I'll check it out.