Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wedding invite welcome kit from Momental Design

Mr HSH and I are just in love with Momental Designs. They are such a fabulous company and we are loving the design process. Even if it forces us to use our non creative minds to contribute somewhat to the design of our invite.So far, Momental designs have put out two drafts of our invite but we are still making ongoing changes to various things on it.

Below are pics of the welcome kit we recieved from them. There were various invites, envelopes and upgrade options, menus etc for us to play with and, I suspect to also tempt us (into getting more products and upgrading) into spending more money! If that's the case, they have succeeded. We have also decided to have our menus (1 per table), table numbers and place cards done through Momental. We also wanted to upgrade to the pocket option to hold the content of the invite as shown in some of the invites below.

Stationary have never been my forte and I would have never thought I'd pay such attention to it. Anyway, regardless, I am enjoying the design process and how personalised it feels. However, I wonder whether the price we're paying (though balanced by the fact that we're having a reasonably small wedding) is really worth it. Will anyone even notice or care? I have gotten into the habit of collecting wedding invites from weddings we're invited to as a momental (no pun intended), but I wonder whether our invite will forever be destined for a rubbish bin or at the bottom of some dusty drawer, forgotten.

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