Friday, 13 April 2012

Qipao/cheongsam as reception dress

To honour my chinese heritage as our wedding will be quite westernised, I have decided to wear a Qipao or Cheongsam (as the southern part of China would call it) as my reception dress. Ideally, I would like a fabric similar to the one the actress is wearing above. It has pinks and reds and in it, but still has interesting patterns without being over the top. Traditionally, the bride should be wearing red but I think that may be too much for me. Plus, Mr HSH would like me to be able to wear it again for a different occassion in the future. Below are all dresses I found from Eaststore (except for the 1st red one), an online store that specialises in traditional chinese wear. The Qipaos they have range from about 150 to 300 dollars. Apparently they are hand embroidered and made from 100 percent silk.

I think this green is exquisite but perhaps not appropriate for our wedding.
Probably too OTT red.

One of the top contenders. The colour is fuchsia, similar to red, but  less traditional.
Another version of the Fuschia Qipao but with different embroidery details. Quite striking as well.
Another top contender but I'm concerned the blue will make me look too old and not wedding like enough. This one is MR HSH's favourite.

Cute and demure, but doesn't stand out.
If i do end up buying from them, I will get the Qipao customed made as I am quite short. I wonder whether the longer length qipao will make me look too short...

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