Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thoughts of the day

I went and took a train to flinder street station for the first time in a year today. I must say there isn't a lot of change to the public transport system from how I remember it, except for the introduction of Myki. I am one of those people who don't have a myki card so had to buy your average Met ticket. $11.90 for a zone 1 and 2 adult daily. It's almost as expensive (but not quite) as car parking in the city. Anyway, the city was just as colourful as it ever was. I was amused at these two scantily dressed girls whose signs read "Turn over a new leaf. Turn Vegan" Courtesy of Peta. I'm personally not an advocate of activist groups like Peta. I find them too radical and uncompromising, but I did find myself amused by the guys lining up to take pictures with these girls. I, like the rest of the crowd, took a picture too. Just for memories sake...

I was exceedingly pissed off that there were 3 lines of only for the people exiting Flinder street station and at least 7 for those entering. This is my first encouter with the so called frankenbarrier.

It's been a long time since I've bought myself a dress. MR HSH is a big fan of budgeting and we are attempting to save up big time for our future house. However, I saw this dress on sale today at SABA and fell in love! It was originally around $349, went down to $169 and today I got it for a further 30 percent off. Grand total of $118 dollars! I'm stoked. Perhaps engagement picture dress material?

Oh, and I would appreciate it if anyone could give me your opinion on this following dress. It is from a site called Light of the box and they sell dresses that are tailored and designed in China. I am considering this pink sequined dress as my reception dress. The dress seem to be on perpetual sale-at present, they are asking for approx $500, down from over $2000.

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