Monday, 16 April 2012

4 year anniversary dinner

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary together. I had to go to work but when I got home, Mr HSH surprised me with the most amazing dinner date at home. He knows of my love for fine dining, but as we are on a budget, he decided to bring fine dining to me-a home cook meal based on the recipes from the Masterchef Australia Volume 2 cookbook. Mr HSH is a pretty good cook, if I say so myself. He is probably the best cook out of all the guys we know. In this day and age, when guys can usually only fry up some bacon and eggs and instant noodle, that is something I'm very proud of and lucky to have.

Anyway, I do shift work so I worked all day. Mr HSH on the other hand, spent the Sunday purchasing ingredients and cooking the meal. I was even asked to close my eyes when I got home as I wasn't allowed to see what was going on until it was all ready. Anyway, the food was all very good (especially the entree) and requires a fair bit of technical skills. We had an wonderful night chilling at home and I felt like the luckiest girl on Earth. 

Candlelit dinner.
Native flowers
Entree-Callum's Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Avocado. He substituted with Salmon. Gorgeous dish and not difficult to make.

Main-Aaron's Prawn and Fennel Ravioli with Chipotle Chilli Oil. The infamous "disgustingly good" dish that Matt Preston threw to the ground. Also very good, but perhaps slighly less wowed by it.

Marion's Lemon and Mint Spring Rolls with Syrup-I really enjoyed this dish but Mr HSH found it to be too heavy.

On a side note, I've decided to replant my currently dying herb garden. I bought rosemary, mint, thyme, coriander and italian parsley from Bulleen arts and garden.


  1. Oh wow! Happy Anniversary! Your man is such a good cook. Very impressive :)

  2. happy anniversary! a very yummy dinner!

  3. Hi. I've been searching for Callum's Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Avocad and then I hit your blog. Is there any change I could get the recipe from you?
    I will be chancking this page :) I hope you can see my comment