Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's day-I love Pho 264

I am forever behind on blogging. Sorry to those who actually pay any attention to this blog but life has just been incredibly busy lately. I have had work, clinical placements, assignments, wedding planning etc to deal with and blogging had to take a backseat. However, I have some minor updates to life in general.

First up, we had our first meeting with a celebrant named Lynton Round. He is an older man (maybe in his sixties?) who resembles papa smurf or santa claus and have a clear, booming voice that I imagine would be very engaging at a wedding ceremony. He used to be a school principal! Anyway, he travelled all 50kilometers from his side of town to my side of town and spent one hour with us. Overall, we had a good impression of him. We had no doubt that he would be an engaging celebrant. Mr HSH felt that we did not click with him on all levels however, and was a bit miffed that he spent more time explaining the legal process of being married than getting to  know us and trying to build a rapport. He was a great guy but maybe not quite as sensitive and intuitive as what we were hoping for. In any case, we were quite happy to book him. Unfortunately, he was only available after 5pm on our marriage date and I felt that we weren’t going to have enough time for photos and tea ceremony before the reception starting. So, on we went with the searching for a celebrant process which so far, I have found to be the most difficult. 

I have contacted a lady called Jane Clifton and a male celebrant called Brent Mcgregor. I like the way Brent Mcgregor looks and Jane Clifton is multi talented-she's a singer, actress, writer and marriage celebrant amongst other things.  Hopefully, our meetings with them would be fruitful.


Anyway, fast forward to mother’s day on Sunday. I spent the day with Mr HSH and visited Coco Lounge in Glenny. I’ve never actually eaten there before so below are some photos. The food was okay, nice enough but quite expensive. (50 dollars for eggs Benedict and burger, and two drinks) It took way too long for the food to come out but I suspect it was because it was mother’s day and they were very busy. 

That night, to celebrate mother’s day, my mum, my brother and I went to I love Pho 264 on Victoria Street, North Richmond. The restaurant was buzzing with activity and the wall of photos from past and present diners at the restaurant was very interesting and helped to keep the restaurant looking trendy. I saw Hung Kam Bo a famous Hong Kong celebrity was one of their guests. I also think I saw Danni from one of Masterchef’s previous seasons but I’m not 100 percent sure if it was her. Anyway, this restaurant is worth all the buzz. Service was efficient and friendly. I ordered their chicken and beef Pho and thoroughly enjoyed it. The broth was delicate but flavoursome and every bit of meat in it was eaten by me. Their pork and prawn rice paper rolls were also very good. All in all, we paid just over 47 dollars for 3 chicken and beef pho, three drinks and 1 serve of rice paper roll. Highly recommended for those looking for authentic Pho. 

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  1. That pho looks fantastic! I had it nearly every day when travelling in Vietnam. Its so yummy! Glad to see you're back to blogging again. Good luck with all the things keeping you busy :-)

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I can get into the flow of things again!

  3. Hi, I've noticed you contacted the exact same celebrants we are trying to choose between. Who did you go with? Brent or Jane?

    1. We went with Jane Clifton in the end. We were generally happy with her. Brent was nice too but we didn't click with him as much.