Thursday, 15 September 2011

Porgie and Mr Jones

What a delightful little cafe! Hidden amongst the boring facades of the other shops along this sleepy strip of Auburn Road in Hawthorn, I would never have known about this place if a girlfriend hadn't suggest that we try this place out because she'd heard many good things about it!

So the 5 of us, 6 if you include baby Caitlyn ventured into Porgie and Mr Jones on a sunny Sunday afternoon for brunch. A couple of us were quite late, but the waitresses were generally accommodating (but nothing to write home about) which is especially nice as I knew they were busy and there were other people waiting on tables.

Anyway, the deco of the place was quite artsy and hippy. Very nice ambiance. You get the impression that people who come here don't just walk in off the street, they come with a purpose and knowledge that this is one top quality cafe. 

I ordered the P+MJ and can honestly say that it was a very filling and satisfying breakfast. It was gourmet, tasty but just lacked a bit of seasoning. The mushrooms were to die for! My poached eggs were debatable. One was soft boiled instead of poached, the other was perfectly cooked though and oozed all over my bread. The only other thing I'd say is that I wished they had put more greens on it. There were only a few puny little spinach leaves. I also ordered a Chai latte and that was just stock standard.

The other food all looked gorgeous and I don't think the girls had any complaints about it. Next time, I hope to take MR HSH along for a lazy Sunday brunch!

Ms Lawyer fructose intolerant ordered a delicious looking flourless orange cupcake.
I think this was the grapefruit juice-it tasted pretty awful but i liked the bottle it was presented in. .
Ms beauty pageant winner turned optometrist turned mother ordered her stock standard muesli "Bircher museli with pear"

This is my delicious P+MJ

Ms recently married Optometrist ordered the Dukkah Eggs which also looked to die for.

Ms fructose intolerant Lawyer's Crossant with ham off the bone

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