Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Aloi Na-CBD, Hardware Lane

The other night,before our 9:20 pm session of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we went to Chin Chin on Flinders Lane with the knowledge that we will probably have to wait a while for a table. I knew they had a no booking policy and thought that we'd wait 30mins-1 hour and get a table for three at one of the most talked about restaurants in Melbourne. We arrived at about 6:15pm but to our dismay were told that they were no longer taking down names that night as they already at a 3 and a half hour wait!!!!

Disappointed, we could only turn to our trusty Entertainment book. I've been to Aloi Na twice before. The first time I really liked it and had a great green curry with chicken. The second time I thought it was average. Our third time, I hoped would be similar to my first. As I also had the entertainment gold card, I thought it only made sense that we gave the restaurant another go. We ventured into hussle and buzzle of Hardware Lane where every restaurant it seemed, wants a piece of you.

Compared to the other restaurants in Hardware Lane, Aloi Na was much quieter which was what we wanted. I've noticed this the other times I've been in the restaurant. I suppose business is comparatively less for them compared to the other restaurants.

We ordered 3 main courses (Thai green curry with chicken, massman curry with beef, lemongrass lamb) and a Thai beef salad with coconut rice to share. For drinks, we all had the Thai milk tea.

Positives first, I really liked the pots the curries were served in. I especially liked how the green curry was served on a claypot over a candle to keep the curry warm. An endearing way of presenting the curry. The Thai milk tea was also tasty.
The food were all generally tasty but nothing special. I found the way the food was prepared and put together a bit careless. I also found the consistency of the curry sauce too thin for my liking.  The coconut rice was pedestrian and I've made better at home myself. The servings were also very small. The massman curry barely had any beef or potatoes in it. In fact, we had to order an extra curry the red duck curry to keep the other guys happy (there were three of us).

For all that, four mains, a salad and three drinks, we were charged 130 plus, minus the 25 dollar discount we got from the Entertainment book. Not cheap.

The deco of the restaurant was nice and the staff generally attentative.

Overall, not a bad meal. I probably won't go back again as I was disappointed a second time and the food wasn't really good value for money.

lemongrass lamb
red duck curry

thai beef salad

green curry

massman curry

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