Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thai Yim, Glen Waverley

Recently, I went to Thai Yim restaurant in Glen Waverley for dinner with Mr HSH. It was a very pleasant night, we had both had a hard day at work and ultimately did not want to get off our arses to cook dinner. Instead, we were happy to get off our arses and drive to Glen Waverley. Initially we planned on going to one of our tried and tested Korean restaurants in Glenny (the name escapes me today). Instead, I got confused. Thinking that Thai Yim was the same as Ying Thai (which had a good reputation as far as I knew) and also because I was craving some good authentic Thai food, we decided to dine at Thai Yim instead.

What a mistake.

Let's start with the pros. The restaurant was clean, tidy and modern looking. There were several wait staff working which meant that service was relatively swift. There were several other diners in the restaurant but I felt that the staff didn't really have a lot to do and were twiddling their thumbs. That's where the Pros end.

When I decided to go to Thai Yim I was hoping for some good old authentic Thai food. I wasn't looking for fine dining. I was just looking for a simple and tasty Pad Thai or an authentic curry. What I got was wait staff that generally wasn't Thai. There was one waitress who was perhaps from Thailand...not sure. Everybody else was of Asian decent but certainly not Thai. Perhaps that was why the food tasted bland. It tasted like a very non specific Asian meal, like it had sucked out a bit of every type of Asian cuisine and combined it in one dish. The vegetables were carelessly chopped and a lemon wedge was plonked on the side in an unsightly way. Although, I don't want to want to sound too harsh on the restaurant. What I said before applies mainly to the Pad Thai I had which didn't even try to be "Thai", it was just bland and boring-I could do much better at home. Mr HSH had the Tom Kar Gai and he said it tasted better than my Pad Thai but wasn't very good either.I also picked the Golden Bags for entree-that was probably the most pleasant part of our meal but was essentially very generic and uninspiring.

Also, there were very limited drinks on their drinks menu-mostly soft drinks. BORING!

Anyway, I guess I can't expect much from Thai Yim. It's unassuming and not pretending to be anything it's not (although, maybe it's pretending to be Thai when it's clearly not). If you're not fussy about the quality of your food, it's good enough for a quick and cheap meal.

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