Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Soy bean Sushi Sushi

I was wandering though Chadstone by myself the other day when I ventured across the 4th (that I know of) Sushi Sushi store to open at the shopping centre. Being quite a fan of Sushi Sushi, I found myself drawn to something new in the counters. Soy bean sushi!

That is, pink and yellow coloured wrapping (in place of the traditional seaweed) encased a good selection of their sushi. So...I had to buy one and try! I bought a traditional raw salmon sushi to try. Pictured above.

Verdict? Pretty and interesting to see and stimulating for the taste buds but the seaweed wrap is definitely my preferred taste. The pink wrapping doesn't really taste like anything at all.

In other news, I thought the picture below was sorta cute. I took my over sized cavalier king charles spaniel Scooby to the groomers at Chadstone. Here he is below waiting to be "admitted" inside the gates of pet barn. I thought it was hilarious how there were two massive dogs hanging over the edge of the railing looking at him forlornly.

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