Monday, 22 October 2012

Dress Fitting 3

I had my third dress fitting a couple of days ago. It was so exciting! Unfortunately, none of my friends could go with me as it was during a weekday, so I had to drag my 19 year old brother along to snap some photos.

I had a major dilemma for a while about whether I should post pictures of this fitting or not. This is because the dress maker made a few comments as I was being fitted that the photos should be for my private keepsake and that the value the secrecy of their work. To me, this sounds like-don't post pictures publicly and don't blog about it.

Now...I love blogging about my dress experience and I personally find the process of making a gown very interesting and love documenting the process. However, I don't want to piss her off or cause any trouble. I thought about it for a while and have decided to make the dressmaker anonymous and post pics that don't give any details (unless you are intimately acquainted) of the dress maker. Hence why I'm no longer naming the place I'm getting the dress made. I've also gone back and edited a few of my old posts. I'm also not going to show any close ups of the dress.

I love my dress. I'm growing more and more in love with it every day. When I tried it on, it fitted like a glove. Also, although I'm a size 8, the last few years I've gained a lot of fat around my belly area and it's always been an area I've been self concious about. Well, the corset made sure that this was history! It gave me a well defined waist without the pot belly and I look well proportioned. It also had the perfect balance between sleek and princess (not too much of each). The silk was super comfortable and the 6 layers of tulle was pulled over my head  and temporarily pinned to assess it's location and how it looked. We also tried on various laces, french and not french. I went back to the original one (non french one) suggested by the dress maker and was very happy with my decision. Yay to not going over the budget!

Anyway, I really hope I have offended anyone by posting pictures. I think this way, it will be very hard for people to search for the dress maker and come up with my relevant pictures.


  1. I would have thought the dressmaker would be keen for you to post the dress for word of mouth. Anyway the dress looks lovely.

  2. Breathtaking! Cant wait to see the final product!

  3. Admire your courage and will support you! What you did is just right and your dress is beautiful!