Sunday, 7 October 2012

Carla Zampatti chilli red georgette gown

not the best picture of the dress as it was actually undone around the back and i was trying to hold it together.

So...we ended up buying the Carla Zampatti dress. Mr HSH and I walked around Chadstone for ages on Friday and there wasn't a single dress that came even close to how much we liked the Carla Zampatti dress. So in the end, with me being somewhat concerned that the dress may go on sale not long after I buy it at full price, we decided to buy it anyway. I didn't want to go into Carla Zampatti enquiring about a sale as I thought they were probably too upmarket to offer one normally. However, I did ask casually as I was paying for the dress whether they ever went on sale. Luckily, the answer was a laugh and a "No". In fact, the sales person said she always feels lonely on VIP nights as they never go on sale. I'm not sure if this is true but I was also told they only made about 61 of the dress in this colour in Australia. This made me feel a bit better as besides the wedding dress, this was the most expensive dress I had ever bought. Anyway, the dress is a big long and loose around the shoulders at the moment as I'm so short, but I'll get it in a weeks so it fits better.

In other news, my sample of honey arrived from Mely's Honey! The jar was quite small but very cute! I loved the taste of the raw honey though. It tastes so much better than the ones you'd get from the supermarket. Anyway, I think we'll most likely go with her and will put in an order once I can be bothered getting off my lazy arse.

I also went a met a potential florist-Wunderplant, located in Elwood. The owner Amy Wright is a delightful girl, very nice and not condescending at all even when I told her I only wish to spend around 1000 dollars on flowers. I am eagerly awaiting her story board of ideas for our wedding.


  1. Wow that dress is absolutely stunning!

  2. That dress is amazing! I love it! So worth it to get for your wedding :)