Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wedding Dance-Tango

Ahh the wedding dance... For two people with absolutely no experience or prior interest in dancing, this was one formality however, that we didn't want to skip for our wedding. Previously, I had simply assumed we would do a simple wedding waltz-easy and elegant and be done with it.  We wanted to avoid elaborate choregraphed dances where the couple suddenly burst from a slow romantic dance to something more fun and fast. This is simply because our skills will not allow us to. Anyway, one day, Mr HSH suggested that we dance the tango. Now, my impression of the tango was lots of sharp movement and lots of heads being turned back and forth and of walking towards your audience like a flamingo. Alas, it was not quite as I had imagined.

Mr HSH made me watch a few videos of the tango on you tube and I became quite taken with the dance. The Tango, for those who don't know is a sensual ball room dance that originated in South America and is normally danced by a man and a woman in synchronised movements that symbolises their love for each other.

I am particularly besotted with a scene from "Scent of  Woman" where a blind Al Pacino leads a young woman in a charming display of the dance. Now he's a man!


Anyway, we've looked into a few places that offer dancing lessons. Marshere and Dancesports Kingdom seems quite promising. They all cost about 600 dollars plus for 10 x 1 hour lessons. I think Mr HSH and I will start learning, then take a break then have a few refreshers as the wedding comes closer...


  1. Good choice of dance. That is a lovely clip of the tango. I'm going to have to start looking for a dance studio as well. As FH and I have no idea at all about dancing. He can do the melbourne shuffle fine and i can dance to 80s music haha, but thats about it. Good luck with your lessons :)

  2. Wow... I had never watched the movie, but what a moving scene. "There are no mistakes in Tango, not like life" If you start your marriage with this dance, you can treat your Marriage like this too, no mistakes, if You've tangoed in, then just un-tango it out. Brilliant! Hope the dance goes well...

    1. haha, yes, that's a great way of thinking. The movie is quite good. Comes recommended from me :)

  3. I think dancing tango on your wedding day is a good idea. In this dance, the man and the woman are made one, and for the length of the dance, they are in unison with each other intimately. Anyway, I bet you and your husband can dance like Gabrielle Anwar and Al Pacino in the movie Scent of a Woman by now. :)