Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Etsy purchase-OOOAKjewelz

I received a package in the mail today and had to blog (and rave) about it.

Whilst surfing ETSY for wedding related ideas. I came across a Etsy seller called OOOAKjewelz. They market themselves as selling "Unique bridal wedding jewery and Bohemian Chic." As of the month of June, they are having a store wide sell of 30 percent off.

I had OOOAK saved in my favourite Etsy store for a while simply because I found the their pieces very unique. They are indeed quite Bohemian and also quite vintage in their presentation. I initially toyed with the idea of wearing their hair combs (more colourful and vintage) instead of the more traditional sparkling ones with pearls and rhinestones. I am still undecided but feel that I will probably stay on the side of traditional for my hair piece.

Regardless, the 30 percent off was too good to be true and I jumped at the chance of buying one of their "wedding" bracelets. I loved the colour combinations and vintage look of the bracelet. Although I probably wouldn't be wearing it for the wedding, it will provide a much needed boost to be currently drabe wardrobe. Altogether, including postage, I think I spend about 60 AUD on the bracelet after the discount was taken off.

I ordered the bracelet two weeks ago and it arrived in the mail today. It arrived simply packaged with wrapping paper, bubble wrap, a business card and a couple of spare parts for the bracelet.

The bracelet was beautiful and as advertised. In fact, I think the stones and jewels on it look better in real life than on their pictures. The item looks of very high quality. The wrist band was custom made to my size.

It fits very snuggly. I hope I don't get any fatter in the near future or else this bracelet will not fit me for much longer.

Anyway, overall I was very happy with my purchase and I can't wait to wear it out once the opportunity arises. I thought perhaps I could wear this for my engagement photos in November...