Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Vy-Holmesglen

An Vy is a vietnamese restaurant Mr HSH and I discovered several months ago. It's located on a strip of asian restaurants and shops on Warrigal road, near Holmesglen Tafe and Holmesglen station. Due to it's proximity from Holmesglen Tafe, a lot of the customers on the shopping strip are overseas students, An Vy is none the same.

The first time we went to the restaurant, it was still starting out and I remember seeing the female owner waving to us and pushing for us to enter her restaurant. We did so, because most of the other restaurants on the strip was packed and An Vy, being relatively new, was still struggling to get it's customer base. Anyway, we were not disappointed.

The decor of the place was simple and no fuss. The presentation of the food is similar. The Menus were badly set out and had poor quality photos of the food on them. Service is mainly from the female owner who seems to be able to manage the fronthouse of her restaurant with efficiency and ease.

The standout dish at An Vy is the rice paper rolls. We usually have the pork and prawn. It is served with a delicious peanut sauce and portion has 4 rice paper rolls. They are just gorgeous. The best rice paper roll I've had. They are rolled perfectly and there is a perfect balance of tasty meat and vegetables inside. It is a dish we always order when we go to An Vy.

 We also love the special seafood fried rice, which is spicy and very tasty and always order it when dining  at An Vy.

If you are after authentic Pho, I would say that An Vy isn't the place to go. I sometimes order the special beef Pho and am always disappointed. The stock is the problem. It tastes like it's full of MSG and nothing more than that. Apart from that, the other dishes we have tried including the sizzling beef and stir fried vegetables with tofu were all edible but not outstanding.

Overall, I wouldn't be travelling across town to visit An Vy but for those living in the area, it is a very welcomed addition and we thoroughly recommend it if you're after a cheap and tasty Vietnamese meal.

Prawn and Pork rice paper roll

Special seafood fried rice

Sizzling beef

Stir fried vegetable with Tofu

Special beef Pho

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