Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Colourful wedding shoes

I've always wanted to have wedding shoes that are different from the traditional white or silver. Initially, I wanted sparkly red shoes, similar to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's. They would add a bit of colour and will also pay tribute to my Chinese heritage. Then, not having been able to find the right pair, I considered wearing a blue pair so that I would be wearing something new, something borrowed and something blue. current favourite is the bubblegum pink pair of Nat Sui, so that they match my pink diamonds....

Ideally, my shoe criteria will be as follows:

Heels not too tall
Colour in no particular order: pink, red or blue
Not to exceed $500. Ideally 200-300 dollars max. 



  1. Wow! These shoe are just perfect! Love the glittery blue shoes! :)

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  2. Those wedding shoes are really colorful. I so like it. How I wish I could wear one of these shoes on my wedding day soon.