Monday, 13 May 2013

My country Australian Outdoor Wedding

I realize I haven't posted on this blog for a while. It is not easy having to maintain a passion for writing to an unknown audience, especially if you have to juggle that with all the other ramblings of life compounded with a serious case of CBF (can't be f%$ked)

In any case, I felt that it would be good to post about our wedding as it remained a big part of the blog for a while.

On a sunny day in February this year, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life. Many people would say that your first love is seldom your final love. I can probably attest to that. Mr HSH was my 4th and final boyfriend. I was his 2nd and last. We were not each other's first loves, neither was it love at first sight. In fact, we took a while to expedite our relationship  but slow and steady wins the race this time. I can't think of spending the rest of my life with anyone other than him. We grow and feel nurtured in each other's presence.

We had an amazing day. During the day, it was hard to absorb the enormality of it all and it felt quite overwhelming. It was wonderful and magical. Both of us being introverts, felt playing the ultimate social game quite the challenge. Now, 12 weeks down the track, when we sit back and reflect upon it-we can smile and laugh  about a beautiful day we can reminisce about in years to come. Will we do it again? I hope not!

Photos courtesy of Ben Adams from Newcastle.

The much talked about Kate spade shoes. Unfortunately I realized a week from the wedding that they won't be appropriate. The scratchy nature (from the glitter) of the shoes kept scratching against the fabric of the dress. I also felt like the fabric was being caught against the shoes every time i walked, plus it made a scratchy noise. I took some photos with those shoes but ultimately just wore another pair of heels I had at home.
The Qipao I got from It wasn't so bad after all. I didn't have time to wear the Carla Zampatti dress I so wanted to wear for the reception due to time constraints. I wore the Qipao for the tea ceremony we had at our house before the ceremony. 
We had a slight mishap. The dress didn't fit me on the day! It was a hot day so I swelled up but unfortunately we couldn't clip up the top two buttons! It was quite funny to begin with....not so much after 45 mins of trying to get the dress on. 
I love this photo of my mum. We are still struggling to put the dress on...
A pic of Mr HSH and I.
I love my dress...

Wild flower style table settling-courtesy of Wunderplant. Table number was handpainted by Momental designs.
Everyone had organic raw honey as their bonbonierres. I bought, sterilized and bottled all the honey, including adding on the decorations.  
Cake courtesy of the cake company. Best wedding cake I have tasted-and that is being objective.
Reception set outside the lawn of Emu Bottom Homestead in Sunbury. 



  1. Such a gorgeous wedding! Am glad you came back to blogging with this post as I did wonder how your plans were going. Congratulations on such a beautiful start to your HSH! :)

  2. Stunning! The location is lovely and your photographer did an amazing job! Congrats :)

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