Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wedding reception Qipao/Cheongsam

After many attempts (involving asking other bloggers for recommendations, various online website, getting family to buy from China)  at finding the right qipao for my wedding, I have finally bit the bullet and bought the above qipao.

Ironically, it was from the first online website ( I visited to look for qipaos and was one of Mr HSH's initial favourite. He did not want me to wear anything too red (as most brides of Chinese origin would do). I felt that this qipao was beautiful but had issues with the blue being too dark and too "old" for my age.

However, after looking around but always coming back to this particular qipao, I began to see the darker colour as a sign of elegance  and hope that this will actually look quite striking. I like the pink piping around the dress and the embroidery looks beautiful-detailed but not too "in your face".

East store is having a sale at the moment, ending tomorrow, and I have bought a custom made version of this dress. I hope to see it arrive in a couple of weeks! I have entered measurements which are 0.5 to 1 inch smaller than my current size...Dangerous move but I always felt that you gotta be slim to wear the Qipao well. Hence, I am beginning my rocky journey towards some minor weight loss. 


  1. Good luck. It's a very beautiful blue and I agree the pink piping and embroidery is gorgeous!

  2. It's a beautiful Qi Pao! I am sure you will look absolutely lovely on your wedding day! :)