Friday, 8 June 2012

Homemade Yogurt, Egg and Mayo hair mask

Homemade yogurt, egg and mayo hair mask

I've suddenly found an interest in skincare and haircare that are natural, organic and DIY. For example, I've been reading about the amazing benefits of using Rose Hip Oil and have just purchased Kosmea's Skin Clnic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil.

It's advertised as a super light and easily absorbed treatment oil that is packed full of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. It claims to smooth out wrinkles, help even out skin tone, moisturise dry skin, nourish and hydrate aging skin etc. Sounds wonderful. Sounds simple. I was sold and bought a 20ml bottle from David Jones with a 25 percent off discount. It came down to around 18 dollars. Pretty damn good if it really does what it advertises. As I'm now in my late 20s, I have really noticed that my skin is no longer as smooth or even toned as before. Fine lines are also appearing around my eyes. Hence, I think it's time I become a bit more serious about my skin care routine. Anyway, I will report back in a few weeks re: the condition of my skin.

A few days ago, I used a homemade yoghurt, egg and mayo mask on my hair. It's easy, cheap and not as messy as you may think. As a regular user of big salon brands such as KMS, Redken and Kérastas, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beneficial effects of my homemade hair mask was on par with some of the products I have bought and used in the past, but within the big price tag.

The key ingredient of my hair mask are yogurt, egg and mayo. I will discuss some benefits I have found on the Internet about each of the following.

Yogurt is high in lactic acid which has a natural anti fungal and antibacterial properties, hence helping to fight dandruff. It also stimulates hair growth, cleans the pores on the scalp, soothes and reduces itchiness, as well as moisturise and tame fly aways. What's more, it also helps to strengthen hair follicles s it's full of the good old protein.

The 2nd ingredient in the hair mask is egg. Egg is used as a conditioning agent in the hair mask. Again, it is chock full of protein and other nutrients which aids hair growth and strengthens hair follicles as well as moisturise and promote shine.

Mayo is great for hair because its 3 core ingredients, eggs, vinegar and oil are ideal for restoring the hair's moisture by providing volume, shine and hydration.

So there you go. It all sounds very promising. There are numerous recipe on the Internet for homemade hair masks. The one I use involves mixing 1/4 cup of mayo (full fat), 1/4 cup of yogurt (organic natural yogurt) and 1 egg. This is then applied to the hair after a quick rinse to wet it and then wrapped up in cling wrap or shower cap for 1-2 hours. BTW, avoid using very hot water to rinse your hair as it can cook the egg and leave you with bits of egg in your hair to clean out.

Anyway, I personally found this mask to be fabulous. The mixture looked so good I could eat it! I lathered my hair up and sat tight for an hour before having a shower to wash it out. It required a couple of shampoos to get all of the mask out. Afterwards, I let my hair dry naturally. Once dried, I found it was noticeably softer, tangle free and possibly even shinier. Also, there was no significant residue smell from the products of the hair mask.

Of course, I'm no expert on the topic of homemade DIY remedies but I think it's worth a try if you are game! I've got some coconut oil left over from my trip to Fiji. I think I will try that on my hair next time!

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