Monday, 2 April 2012

Masterchef recipes-chocolate creations

Once again, I have been making very good use of the Masterchef cookbook, volume 2. This is the volume with recipes from the 2010 show. The winner was Adam Liaw and Callum Hann became the 1st runner up. At the time, I was hoping Callum will win. I always love the underdog...

Anyway, Mr HSH got the cookbook from his boss as a birthday present a couple of years ago and I have made very good use of it since. Below are two dishes that I had baked following the recipes on the book.

Carrie's Chocolate and raspberry souffle. If anyone has the book, I highly recommend this recipe. Easy to make and absolutely delicious!
The recipe asked for lavender cream. Unfortunately, at the time I was making the souffle, I did not have any dried culinary lavender. So i just whipped up some cream with caster sugar added for sweetness.

Fiona's Chocolate Ganache Tarts with Raspberries and Lavender cream. Any recipe requiring dried lavender. Again I didn't have any, so I just used normal whipped cream. This recipe did not live up to the hype it had on the show. I thought it was too heavy.

Dried Culinary lavender bought from the Melbourne's international flower and garden show.

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