Thursday, 1 March 2012

What's new?

Sorry for the very very long leave of absence from this blog. To be honest, I lost passion for writing and with all the other matters in life requiring my attention, I am ashamed to say that I let this page become temporarily part of the graveyard of blogs.

Anyway, lets forget about the past and move onto the future! Allow me to update you on what I've been busy with lately.

First of all, Mr HSH and I got engaged! This special date occured on the 28th of December 2012. It was very low key. We were at his parent's house, house sitting whilst they were interstate. We had left overs for dinner and I was in my pajamas on his old bedroom floor watching home videos when he popped the question. I did not say YES immediately as I wanted to appear less "keen". Alas, there was no doubt that getting married was what I'd wanted to do for a very long time as I had previously pestered Mr HSH incessantly about getting engaged.

I recieved a very beautiful platinum diamond ring. It was beyond beautiful and very unique but low key which is Mr HSH's style. The center stone is 0.9ct which is perfect for my dainty hand, there are 8 side stones altogether, 4 on either side. The side stones consisted of alternating Argyle pink diamonds and the more traditional baguette white diamonds. He got it made and designed by Holloway Diamonds on Canterbury Road, Canterbury.We plan on getting our wedding bands made by them as well. For anyone who are considering a jeweller, they have Mr HSH's highest recommendations.

We have also been extremely productive and have set a date for the wedding already. It will be in the Summer of 2013. We have booked to have the wedding at Emu Bottom Homestead which is the oldest homestead in Victoria. We are aiming to have an outdoor reception on the front lawn of the homestead  but if it rains, we do have the most beautiful but more traditional back up option-the Homestead.

Lawn outside the homestead where the reception will be if weather condition permits

Our back up option-inside the homestead. I do like the candle centerpieces in this pic.

Wedding inspiration

Wedding Inspiration
We have also decided on the photographer-Ben Adams Photography, based in Newcastle. We love his style of photos and will happily pay to fly him down for the engagement photos and wedding.

I have also booked Lisa Carter for my hair and make up. She is a western make up artist who specialises in Asian wedding make up and is quite the hit at the moment. I actually won my first competition whilst participating in one of her challenges.

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting Annette of Melbourne in Seddon to have a chat about what design I would want for my dress. The wedding dress shopping experience have left me at a dead end, I have literally tried on over 30 dresses and none have wowed me so far. Perhaps I have been overburdened by my own expectations and prior research. This will not be easy...

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