Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wedding dress couture

I visited ++ Victoria on March the 3rd and officially put a deposit down for my wedding dress. This, I hope, will be a decision that I'll be happy with. I've been to so many wedding dress shops and no one dress have made me feel like THE DRESS for me. I'm relieved to finally be able to put the decision partly into the hands of another. The dressmaker, of the store is a passionate woman who knows her stuff. This was the second meeting as I felt the first was rushed. This time, she took the time to sketch a picture of the dress for me and went into more details re: the lace and tulle that will be used. I have heard many great things about ++ and I now have my upmost trust in them.There will be 6 fittings in total, starting in August.

Looking at my deposit receipt now, some details of my dress to be include:

1 layer of french tulle
4 layers of english tulle
Line princess cut Gown (also known as A line)
Circular skirts
Veil included
Gst included
All fittings included
Lace on Bodice is not French, 3D on neckline cascading down. Not to exceed $5000

I am told by the dress maker that French tulle is second to none. Apparently, it feels AMAZING. I played around with some english and french tulle and to be honest, I couldn't feel a difference. I asked whether it would fall differently, look differently etc. I am told that the only difference is in the way that it would feel which is why at present I will have 1 layer of french tulle on the top layer of my dress. Hmm...if that's the case, maybe I'll have just the english tulle, but have french lace and more 3D on the bodice instead.

I asked Mr HSH whether it would be okay to exceed our initial budget of $5000. He didn't say no...

Mr HSH loves the idea of something made of scratch. He loves how exclusive being part of the process of designing and making a dress feels, as oppose to buying off the rack. I am toying with the idea of breaking away from tradition and allowing him to come with me to the first dress fitting....


  1. I had 6 layers of English Tulle and 4 layers of French Tulle and the French is most definitely softer and more like a fine mist if that makes sense lol!

    I know you will love the dress!

    1. Yes, no doubt! I cannot wait until August when I have my first fitting.