Saturday, 6 August 2011

Welcome to "Home Sweet home"

Hi, to all who have ventured upon my humble blog "Home Sweet Home". In my most raw form, I am a half ripened "banana" (yellow skin & whitish flesh - hence "half ripened"). A Chinese girl who looks outwardly Asian with FOB ("Fresh off the boat") parents (although they've actually been here for over 20 years), and whose upbringing is shaped by the Australian way of life as well as a somewhat ethnic background. I got the best of both worlds and yet I am also burdened with the worst of both worlds. Somehow, I think I ended up a fairly well balanced individual... even if i do say so myself.

Because I value my own anonymity, and of those around me whose privacy may be impeded upon by my blogging, I will try my best not to reveal personal details or post photos of us in person. For the purpose of this blog, I will be referred to as "Ms HSH"  and my long suffering (but very much loved) partner as "Mr HSH".

Essentially, I am writing this blog to document everything that is close to my heart. So as much as this blog may be viewed by anyone else in this world, it is first, and above all an outlet and memory keepsake for myself.

Food - I'm a big fan of Masterchef, fine dining and anything else food related. As I am based in Melbourne, most of my food and dining posts will be likewise be Melbourne based.

Wedding inspired posts - Although not officially engaged, MR HSH and I are unofficially, virtually, planning our future wedding which may eventuate late 2012. Like any girl who meets a boy and dreams of getting married, I may shamelessly and anonymously post wedding related posts.

Mr HSH and I are also considering purchasing land in Melbourne's middle band eastern suburbs and building our first home. Therefore, when time comes for us to buy and build, this blog will document our labor of love.

Otherwise, this blog will also be dotted with everyday randomness, TV/film reviews, gardening,  inspirations, purchases, rants, raves and other ramblings.


P.S. This is Scooby, my beloved pet dog. He is a King Charles Spaniel and this is a pic from a few years ago when he was about 1. He has come a long way....he is currently 4 years and 9 months old, a bit jaded, fatter, no more intelligent, but still just as loved as he ever was.

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