Monday, 8 August 2011

Masterchef recipes-tried and tested

 George's Lasagne with pork and veal meatballs

Pros-Good, hearty dish. Caramalised eschalots were delicious and added an extra dimension to the lasagne.

Cons: Long lengthy process. Expensive ingredients-Ie prosciutto, veal mince (also hard to find. I substituted with beef mince) Also, the prosciutto didn't add any extra touch to the dish so I felt it was lost within the other elements in the Lasagne. Also, given all the extra time and ingredient put into this dish, I didn't feel that it tasted significantly different to your run of the mill lasagna with Parmesan and mince.

Gary's Pizza Bianca with potatoes and anchovies

Lovely gourmet type pizza. We also used the Masterchef pizza dough base which worked out well. Warning: Do not put too much anchovies on your pizza unless you want a hit of salt. 
 Same pizza dough as above, we just added our own toppings on top. Tasted like a "Super special" or "The lot". Toppings include: olives, ham, capsicum, and mozzarella.

 Pavlova stack with berry coulis and summer fruits

Gorgeous, gorgeous dessert! Beautiful soft meringue, sweet berry coulis combined with the tang from the passion fruit-heaven!   Can't fault it one bit! I substituted some of the suggested ingredients on Eamon Sullivan's dessert with some other fruits.

Another warm and hearty meal. Easy to make and very tasty. I substituted beef as veal was hard to obtain from the local supermarket. 

Dani made these son in law eggs for one of the elimination challenge and nailed it. The recipe is in one of the recent Masterchef magazines. It was the first time I've made soft boil eggs and can honestly say that it is not hard to make. I was very happy that the eggs were cooked nicely at my first attempt.

Lastly, I cooked one of the 30 minute meals in a recent issue of the Masterchef magazine and found it to be tasty and very easy to make. This is a Thai red curry with duck, eggplants and lychee.

So, there you go-my master chef escapades. All of these pics were taken with a Iphone so not the best quality...and unfortunately, though I love photography, I'm no food photographer. I also love cooking but I am still very much learning. I find myself following recipes quite diligently but wouldn't be able to come up with anything on my own. Maybe this will improve with time...

I missed last night's Master chef finale though I am already bombarded with the fact that Kate, the bespectacled mother has won. I think she is probably a deserving winner as I've found her to be very consistent throughout the competition. I also have a soft spot for Michael. I think most chefs would now love to take him on as an apprentice in their restaurant. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that I missed the finale last night due to work, I heard that channel 10 had slotted in an episode of the Renovators during the finale. I will just have to watch it online when I have time...

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